Mass Party Organizing Committee

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Mass Party Organizing Committee


The Mass Party Organizing Committee was the first group formed in an attempt to form a new national marxist party. It was started in 1975 by members of both the Old Left and New Left, and published a newsletter, MPOC Bulletin ten times a year. Volume 2, Number 9 was for the period October 15 - November 15, 1976, and what follows below came from that specific issue.

In the end, MPOC became the marxist organization known as the National Committee for Independent Political Action , led by old-line Communist Party USA supporter Professor Arthur Kinoy and the Hanoi Lobby activist Leslie Cagan, both of whom would later join the Communist Party USA split-off faction, the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.

The following information comes from this issue.

"The MPOC Bulletin is the official publication of the Mass Party Organizing Committee. It is published 10 times a year, two of which are double issues."

"Subscription rates: $3.00/yr. for first-class sub., $2.00/yr for third-class."

"Articles not bylined are written by the National Office staff of MPOC. Layout is done by Peg Averill. Current N.O. staff include