Itala Rutter

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Itala Rutter

Socialist Feminist Network

Circa 1980 Itala Rutter from Santa Monica, California, was involved with the Californian New American Movement, linked Socialist Feminist Network.[1]

Sustainer of the New American Movement

In 1981, Itala Rutter of Chicago was listed as a sustainer of the New American Movement.[2]

DSA Feminist Commission

In 1985[3] and 1986,[4] Itala Rutter of Massachusetts was listed as a member of the Feminist Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America.

DSA pamphlet

In 1991, Democratic Socialists of America was promoting a leaflet "Perspectives on Lesbian and Gay Liberation and Socialism", edited by Itala Rutter and published by the Gay and Lesbian Task Force of DSA's Feminist Commission. Contributors included Leo Casey, Martha Fourt, Hannah Frisch, Barry Friedman and Tom Stabnicki, Christine Riddiough, and Judy MacLean.[5]


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