Elena Foshay

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Elena Foshay

Elena Foshay

Apollo Alliance

Andrea joined Apollo Alliance in September 2008 as a research associate. In this position she has written numerous policy briefs, memos, and data points on green economic development, job quality standards, workforce development, and energy policy. She has been deeply involved with the Apollo Alliance’s work to inform Congress and the public about clean energy and green-collar job provisions in the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and has prepared a number of memos and presentations on opportunities related to its implementation.[1]

University of California, Berkeley

Foshay did research for the Labor Center at the University of California, Berkeley, where she conducted a study in Contra Costa County on opportunities in the green economy for cities and training programs, and published a paper on strategies for ensuring that green jobs are quality jobs. Elena’s roots are in community-based work and youth development, and she has experience in the United States and Latin America.[2]

She has also been in Oaxaca, Mexico conducting an evaluation of a child nutrition program and assisting its strategic planning, a project organized in association with the Center for Latin America Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.[3]

Ella Baker Center supporter

In 2009 Elena Foshay was a financial supporter of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, California.[4]