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Dan Carol

Dan Carol is a political strategist and long-time pioneer of new generation network politics and the catalyst and co-founder of the Apollo Alliance. Formerly an energy and budget analyst at the Congressional Budget Office and former Research Director for the Democratic National Committee, Dan's work to strengthen the tools and tactics of progressives has been profiled by the Wall Street Journal and his commentary has been featured in The Nation, Alternet, Salon, and Boston Review.[1] He is a founding contributor to the Huffington Post.[2]

Apollo Alliance

In response to September 11th, 2001, Carol catalyzed and co-founded The Apollo Alliance, a growing strategic effort "to promote a national commitment to energy independence and unite Americans of all political stripes in a common purpose around a green new deal".[2]

New level

In 2004, Joel Rogers from the Center On Wisconsin Strategy, Robert Borosage from the Institute for America’s Future, and environmental visionary Dan Carol approached Steelworkers President Leo Gerard and SEIU President Andy Stern, among others, to propose a new alliance of labor, environmental groups, business and social justice leaders called the Apollo Alliance. The Alliance, which soon included over 200 supporting organizations, released a report that year arguing for a ten-year program of investment in a “clean energy, good jobs” economy.[3]

2008 Presidential Campaign

Carol served as the Content & Issues Director in Chicago for the Obama for President Campaign, where among other responsibilities he guided the launch of Obama's NewEnergyforAmerica.com plan and the 2008 Democratic Platform.[2]

Tides Center

In 2009 Dan Carol served on the Board of Directors of the Tides Center.[1]

We Can Lead

Carol has served as a strategic advisor to the We Can Lead business campaign in support of strong energy and climate policy.[2]

Clean Economy Network

Carol co-founded the Clean Economy Network in 2009.[2]

Clinton Global Initiative

Carol is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.[2]

New Democratic Network

As at Nov. 22, 2010, Dan Carol was a fellow of the New Democratic Network's Innovation and Clean Economy initiative.[4]

Affiliated Organizations

Carol is on the board of Progressive Majority, Groundspring (founded by Tides), Pop and Politics and Common Assets.

Movement Voter Project Advisory Board

Movement Voter Project Advisory Board members, as of January 24, 2018 included Dan Carol.[5]