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Color of Change graphic seen on their website:

Color of Change is a progressive community organizing group focused on mobilizing black Americans co-founded in 2005 by James Rucker and Van Jones.[1]

White House Community Policing

On July 13, 2016 Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color of Change attended a Community Policing meeting at the White House. Barack Obama "met with a range of people at the Eisenhower Executive Office discuss community policing and criminal justice..." Invitees included "activists, civil rights, faith, law enforcement and elected leaders – to have a conversation about ways we can keep people safe, build community trust, and ensure justice for all Americans."[2]

Anti-Andrew Breitbart Campaign

In 2011, Color of Change "marshaled 43,000 calls to HuffPo demanding that the front page be Breitbart-free," as reported by journalist David Weigel for Slate. Weigel explained that the Color of Change "campaigns with a 1-2-3 strategy: Pick 'race-baiting' conservative. Demand that the conservative lose his platform. Melt the phones and inboxes until victory."[3]