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Young Democratic Socialists - UGA is the University of Georgia, Athens affiliate of Young Democratic Socialists.

YDS Meeting


YDS Meeting (NEW Location!!!), Public · Hosted by Young Democratic Socialists - UGA, Wednesday, March 29 2017, at 7 PM - 8 PM EDT.

164 Hooper St, Athens, GA 30605

Invited on Facebook



YDS - UGA Closed Facebook Group


Young Democratic Socialists - UGA Closed Facebook Group, accessed September 7, 2017. Active circa 2015.

We are an inconclusive group of socialists.[1]


YDS support Ossoff

Young Democratic Socialists - UGA Facebook, April 6, 2017

Young Democratic Socialists - UGA supported Jon Ossoff's campaign.

Celebrate Ossoff's primary victory


Young Democratic Socialists - UGA shared Democratic Party of Georgia's photo.

The Democratic Party of Georgia got something right today: Jon Ossoff's showing in yesterday's jungle primary is a big deal. If we work together, we can pull the U.S. House just a little bit to the left this summer. Let's show Republicans all over the country that they only have two choices: they can protect working men and women from this reckless administration, or they can expect to lose their elections in 2018.