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Vicki Dzin

Vicki Dzindzichashvili (Vicki Dzin, Vicki Jane) Manages Act on Mass. She is Communications Team Leader at PHENOM an administrator at Harvard University, where she has worked since 2015. Before working at Harvard, Vicki worked in student services at UMass Boston. Prior to working in higher education, she worked as a fundraiser for various political and charitable organizations, including Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Vicki earned her bachelor's degree in management from the College of Management at UMass Boston and is a member of PHENOM's UMass Boston Chapter.


Studies at Harvard Kennedy School.

Warren supporter

Vicki Dzin is an Elizabeth Warren support activist.

September 27, 2019.


September 18 2019.


Vicki Jane July 24 2019·


No plans Monday night? Elizabeth Warren has lots of plans for you, including an East Boston for Warren phone bank that I’m hosting at 6pm! Sign up here and share: — supporting Elizabeth Warren.

Working for Nika Elugardo

Mike Leyba September 5 2018.


With Krista Magnuson, Cristina Aguilera Sandoval, Vicki Dzin, Charlotte Kelly and Erika Uyterhoeven.

Solidarity Project with the People of Mexico

Mary Jo Connelly September 6 2019·

Don't miss the chance to join us next Sunday Sept. 15 from 4-6pm for food and conversation with Prof. Javier Bravo, a representative of Mexico's MORENA Party (the party that elected AMLO, a left-progressive President of Mexico).

The event will be held at 50 Maverick Square, 2nd floor. The event is co-sponsored by Liberation Road, Mijente Latin American Solidarity Circle and the Solidarity Project with the People of Mexico.


It's a great opportunity to hear what's happening in Mexico with the astounding election of progressive Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), and to talk about what we can do on both sides of the border. For fellow left-electoral geeks, there's a lot to learn from AMLO and MORENA experience. See the attached flier for more information. — with Mike Connelly, Ben Echevarria, Shana Berger, Amanda Achin, Andre Green, Rae Axner, Matt Taylor, Will Mbah, Gabriel Mireles, Garret Virchick, Matthew Miller, Pennie Taylor, Vicki Jane, Lily Huang, Becca Tumposky, Ben Bradlow, Payton Corbett, John Fitzgerald, Greg Hill, Rene E. Mardones, Juan Pablo Blanco, Joe Teixeira, Genevieve Leigh, Camilo Viveiros, Brian Connelly, Thomas Estabrook, Joe Ramsey, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Donald Cronin, Linda Liu, Consuelo Perez, Van Hardy, Mary Regan, Amy Colwell Todd, Zac Bears and Gillian Mason.