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Template:TOCnestleft Taylor Trowbridge is a Physicist[1]with the Southern California Federation of Scientists, an organization of scientists and engineers devoted to independent, alternative evaluations of technology issues for use by progressive movements.

He is a retired laser weapon system analyst with the Department of Defense. He is on the Executive Board of Southern California Federation of Scientists (SCFS)[2], a public interest science organization that since 1953 has been preforming alternative technical analyses related to pressing public issues.[3]

New American Movement

Trowbridge was active around 1975 in the Leo Gallager section of the Los Angeles Chapter of the New American Movement. Trowbridge met Dorothy Healey through the organization;

Her explanations of Marxist and other leftist concepts in such a clear, concise, and to-the-essence manner, so devoid of esoteric rhetoric, dogmatic quotations, and pompous declarations, and understandable by the least scholarly smashed right through peoples capitalist indoctrination like a bomb through the jail house wall.

New American Movement 10th convention

In 1981 Taylor Trowbridge, L.A. NAM led a workshop entitled The Solar Transition at the 10th Convention of the New American Movement. The convention was held in a union headquarters in Chicago and ran from July 29 - August 2, 1981.[4]

DSA Conference delegate

In 1983 Taylor Trowbridge was a Los Angeles, California delegate to the Democratic Socialists of America conference in New York City, October 14-16, 1983[5]