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Scott Braley

Scott Addy Braley (born March 26, 1947) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was active in the Weather Underground Organization in Michigan. He submerged into the underground in early 1970.[1]

Braley became a member of Weatherman (later known as Weather Underground Organization) in 1969 and remained so until the group disbanded in 1977. Braley was one of the original members of the Revolutionary Youth Movement, a group devoted to anti-racism and Third World struggles which later evolved into Weatherman.

Scott Addy Braley lives in Oakland, California where he works as a photographer for social justice and non-profit organizations.

Students for a Democratic Society

During June, 1969, it was ascertained that Braley was the Students for a Democratic Society Regional Traveler for the State of Michigan.[1]

The Venceremos Brigade

On November 6, 1969, Radio Havana announced during a broadcast captioned "On the Venceremos Brigade", the following:

"We are going to read the following names and addresses of those person in the United States through whom you can make contact with the national executive committee of the Venceremos Brigade."

One of the four names that was subsequently read was "Scott Braley, 5117 French Road, Detroit, Michigan, 48213".[1]

Weathermen Flint "War Council"

December 27-31, 1969, about 400 of the national membership of the Weatherman faction of SDS held a “War Council” at a ballroom dancehall in Flint, Michigan.

Cars stopped during the “War Council” contained known members of Weather/Students for a Democratic Society and other passengers: Frederick Lee Miller with Richard L. Feldman, K. Sacks and Bernard Riff; David Flatley with Gerald D. Mitchell and Jerome J. Walsh; Jon Frappier with Nancy Gail Stein; James K. Kilpatrick; Harold R. Lade with George Crowley; John David Buttney with Raymond Lee Mosher, Ralph E. Ridgom, Benjamin C. Israel, Michael Wood and Richard D. Lee; Frank Hubert Mather with Bradley Brent Conners, Robert Bruce Mackowsky, Dennis Howland and Mike Ross Camp; Bahram Salimi with Gregory Albert Jaynes, Hamayoun Dehehan and Alirez Dehgan; Natasha Burd with Janet Rae Austin, Shari Ann Whitehead, Andrew Julian Truskier, Nancy Kurshan, Lendal B. Harris and Stuart Bishop; Daniel Hardy with Steve Abbott, Cookie Roby and Edward J. Bennett (owner); Christopher Bowe Miller with Eleanor Stein, Janet Press, Sheldon Rosenbaum, Michael Josefowicz, Kathryn M. Kehan and Laura Foner; Terry Lee Daley (minister) with Richard James Roehik, Scott Addy Braley, and Norman George Delisle; Lynda N. Josefowicz with Ann Hathaway, Jane Ann White, Laura W. Strang, Debbie Stern and Marie Smith; Robert D. Miller with Mark Pennington, Marilyn Pennington and Mariane Pennington and Donald R. Catterson; Richard W. Edelman with Samuel Fuchs and Judith E. Somberg; and Lynda N. Josefwicz with Laura Foner, John Fuerst, William Alexander Cleveland, David Elbaz, Richard K. Mansfield, David F. Pugh, Nigel G. Dickens, Brian Thomas Lavelle, Theodore L. Soares, Lawrence David Barber, Michael Marotta, Morris Allan Older, Nicholas Albrecht Freudenberg, Frank Spinelli[2].

Freedom Road magazine


Special thanks f Freedom Road Socialist Organization's Freedom Road magazine Number 1, Spring 2001 went to Cameron Barron, Scott Braley, Ajamu Dillahunt, Bill Capowski, Mike Meiselman, Rajiv Rawat, Vicky Menjivar, Michelle Foy, Jon Liss, Chip Smith.


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