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Sasha Magee

Sasha Magee is a San Francisco activist. He is a developer at 18F, where he works on software projects that help people interact with the government more pleasantly and efficiently.

Sasha has spent the past two decades working in the tech industry, most recently at a children’s book startup. Before that, he alternated working for Adobe and for himself.

He joined 18F because he deeply believes in helping the government work best for those who need it most.

“I’m currently working on an immigration project, and I hope to help make what is many people’s first experience with the U.S. government a positive one,” he says.[1]

1996 May Day

A May Day greeting page was included in the Special May Day 1966 Supplement of the People's Weekly World.[2]

"May Day greetings to workers everywhere. Organize to defeat the right on November 5!" - Northern California Friends of the People's Weekly World

Sasha Magee put his name to the greeting.

1997 May Day

In People's Weekly World, May Day Special Supplement, Section J, 1997 an advertisement was placed "Solidarity with workers everywhere in their struggles for a better life for all! from Northern California Friends of the People's Weekly World/Nuestri Mundo:

Signatories included Sasha Magee.

Left in SF

In 2008, Left in SF was a website by several members of the economic left in San Francisco. "We focus on San Francisco and California politics and issues, but take on national and international issues at times."


  • Robert Haaland is a political organizer for SEIU Local 790, a member of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, and a former candidate for District 5 Supervisor.
  • Saskia Traill works on child care policy and has served as treasurer for several political campaigns.
  • Larry Roberts is a queer cultural activist and event producer.
  • Sasha Magee is an activist and media agitator.
  • Kim Knox is an education activist and the author/editor of several science books for elementary and middle school students and teachers. Kim is the VP for Fundraising at John Muir Elementary School, State Legislation Advocate for 2nd District PTA (San Francisco), and the treasurer of the Richmond Democratic Club. [3]

District Elections in SF: How Do “We the People” Become the Driving Force?

Circa 2010 at Center for Political Education. With community and labor organizers, N’Tanya Lee (Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth), Calvin Welch (Housing Justice), Maria Guillen (SEIU) and activist Sasha Magee.

Progressives who fought for San Francisco’s District Elections in the 1970s and again in the 2000s, focused not on individual candidates – but on the broader movement for building grassroots power, developing people’s consciousness, and creating democratic structures to keep officials accountable.
District Elections in San Francisco – How do “We the People” become the driving force?, will trace the history of district elections that brought Harvey Milk to prominence in the 70s, and will look at the district town hall meetings and citywide Community Congresses, structures that developed an agenda and demands which elected officials had to respond to. In the context of the city’s current budget crisis, labor and community organizers will engage in a lively debate on how we can continue to build on the progressive gains of the 2008 elections, and fight for elected officials to follow the lead of the people.[4]


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