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Robert LeVertis Bell grew up in a movement household.

My grandmother is a local activist. She’s one of those people that every city has, the stalwarts of the black community in the civil rights tradition. I’ve been an activist, radical organizer, and anticapitalist since I was a teenager. I was involved in anti-police brutality organizations and various anti-fascist organizations as a young person. Now I’m 39 years old, and I’m a teacher. I’ve been involved for the past two years in rank-and-file teacher organizing. We’ve had some work stoppages here in Louisville and throughout Kentucky, which have gotten a lot of attention as part of the Red for Ed teacher strike wave. So all of that together, from black activism to anticapitalism to the teacher revolt, has shaped my politics.[1]

Council run


Progressive Candidates February 21 2020.

Support Robert LeVertis Bell for Metro Council District 4 He is running for Metro Council District 4 in Louisville, Kentucky. Robert supports a Green New Deal for Louisville, Public Ownership of Utilities, Expanded Free Public Transit, Housing as a Human Right, Improving Access to Medical Care, Reproductive Justice, Ending Food Insecurity, and Creating a Solidarity City. Robert is a Teacher, Father, and Community Organizer who is looking to improve Louisville for all citizens. Robert has the endorsement of Louisville DSA Donate, Share, Follow, and Volunteer.