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Ricardo Reyna

Rally/mock funeral

February 20 1975, some 300 students attended a noon rally in White Plaza and then marched in a mock funeral procession protesting what they called "the death of undergraduate education" at Stanford. The demonstration was called to emphasize the impact on undergraduates of tenure cutbacks, innovative program and financial aid cuts and increased tuition, according to ASSU Sen. Debbi Silton.

Asst. Anthropology Prof. Michelle Rosaldo, a SWOPSI Policy Board member, said students should continue to voice their concerns for projects like SCIRE and SWOPSI because "someone wants to turn this place into a place more like a corporation than a school." Political Science Prof. Charles Drekmeier said the University faced "increased dependence on outside funding" which threatens its independence and, "most importantly," projects like SWOPSI and SCIRE. Ricardo Reyna, a junior representing a group called Students for Equity, noted his group supported the demonstration. Students for Equity, according to Reyna, is an "umbrella organization for all minorities" organized to oppose the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid (C-UAFA) proposal to the Faculty Senate . "The University is trying to create a homogenized student population and destroy dissidents," Reyna charged.

Michael Kieschnick, one of the student organizers of the rally, concluded, saying, "We should be angry with people like Dean [of Undergraduate Studies James] Gibbs, President [Richard) Lyman and Provost [William F.j Miller, but we should remember that they were carefully trained for the roles they're playing."Kieschnick received the loudest applause of the day when he concluded his speech by calling on the students to "work to have Dean Gibbs fired." [1]


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