Reidar Strisland

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Reidar Strisland

Reidar Strisland is a leader of Norway's Rodt Party. In a relationship with Silje Syvertsen.

O'Rourke connection


Beto O'Rourke with Reidar Strisland October 2018.

James Thompson connection


James Thompson with Reidar Strisland November 2018.

Bernie leaders connection

Reidar Strisland June 12, 2017 ·


Five Little days left to the pop left. I've spent weekend in Chicago hearing among other things Winnie Wong, and can recommend this conversation at the warmest. Later in the day, I'm going to lead a deep-depth conversation about the United States with Donnie, Moumita Ahmed and a surprise. Also playing Razika then. Just looking forward!

Reidar Strisland June 16, 2017.


Yesterday I received the good news that Norwegian Professional Writers Association has decided to support my project about writing book about the United States and the progressive movement around Bernie Sanders. I celebrate that with a long weekend of visits by central organizers from the precisely Bernie campaign. Do you want to hear me lead conversation with Claire Sandberg, Winnie Wong and Moumita Ahmed you simply have to get at Popvenstre-en festival med politikk og kultur in kubaparken tomorrow. The Festival already starts kl11. 15 with an exciting debate on right populism with beni and Emma Rees, the leader of corbyn organization Momentum. In 16.10, I'm going on stage to lead conversation about steel in the United States.

Reidar Strisland with Claire Sandberg and Winnie Wong.

US tour

Dennis O'Neil October 13, 2016 ·

Last night the NYC branch of Freedom Road Socialist Organization sponsored a small get-together of local labor activists, Sandernistas and other lefties to conversate with Reidar Strisland. Reidar was recently youth leader of the Oslo section of Rodt ("Red"), Norway's most radical mass party. He is in the middle of a two month US sojourn to try and make sense of the US election and learn more about the Sanders explosion in particular for a book he is writing.


ATTENTION, folks in Detroit, Lansing, Toledo, Chicago, Standing Rock, Seattle, San Francisco (where he will be November 8) and LA: Want to learn about Norway and Rodt in advance of next year's parliamentary election there and talk to an interested young European about our rather peculiar election year? And/or have a couch or someplace he can crash in your burg? Friend him directly and drop my name.

Backing Bjornie


Rodt Oslo comrades

Rodt Oslo August 29, 2015 ·


With Nina Reim, Mikkel Becker Aakervik, Tale Marte Daehlen, Ali Mirahmadi and Reidar Strisland.