Reading-Berks Democratic Socialists of America

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Reading-Berks Democratic Socialists of America was a Pennsylvania affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.

1990 Maurer- Stump award dinner

In 1990 Reading-Berks DSA organized the fifth annual Maurer- Stump award dinner. The award recipients were Maggie Kuhn, convener of the Gray Panthers,and Bogdan Denitch, DSA vice chair and author of The End of the Cold War.[1]

Planning Commission

In 1991, The Reading Socialist reported that its chair, Bob Millar, had been appointed to a four year term on the Berks County Planning Commission. [2]

Socialist TV

In 1995 Reading-Berks Democratic Socialists of America members Bob Millar and John Sellers continued to host Alternative News and Different Views on Berks Community Television (BC-TV).[3]

2002 activity

In 2002, according to Bob Millar, the Reading-Berks (PA) DSA local held its 19th Annual Socialist Picnic on August 3rd. Over Labor Day weekend several members picketed the Wal-Mart store in Temple, PA, protesting Wal-Mart’s importation of goods made by child labor, and their anti-union policies. Local DSA members were very active during the fall in several local congressional races and are also involved in ongoing efforts to oppose a U.S. war on Iraq,.[4]


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