Peace and Freedom Party

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Peace and Freedom Party

Socialist founders

Michael Rubin says: June 18, 2018;

The Independent Socialists emerged from the social democracy in 1964. I joined 3 years later in 1967. One of my first projects in the ISC was helping to create a new radical electoral party in California, Peace and Freedom Party. [1]

2006 Candidates

2006 Candidates for California Peace and Freedom party[2] were

Janice Jordon - Governor

Stewart Alexander - Lieutenant Governor

Margie Akin - Secretary of State

Gerald Sanders - Treasurer

Liz Barron - Controller

Jack Harrison - Attorney General

Tom Condit - Insurance Commissioner

Marsha Feinland - U.S. Senator

Dave Campbell - Member of Board of Equlization, 1st District

Richard Perry - Member of Board of Equlization, 2nd District

Mary Lou Finley - Member of Board of Equlization, 3rd District

Cindy Henderson - Member of Board of Equlization, 4th District

C. T. Weber - State Senator, 6th District

Vickie Fouts - State Senator, 14th District

Tim Stock - U.S. Representative, 1st District

Mike Roskey - U.S. Representative, 3rd District

John Reiger - U.S. Representative, 5th District

Dina Padilla - U.S. Representative, 11th District

Lynda Llamas - U.S. Representative, 29th District

Adele Cannon - U.S. Representative, 30th District

Jim Smith - U.S. Representative, 36th District

Kevin Akin - U.S. Representative, 44th District

Miriam Clark - U.S. Representative, 50th District

Phil Dynan - Assemblymember, 2nd District

Mike Lopez - Assemblymember, 5th District

Albert Troyer - Assemblymember, 10th District

Eddie Ytuarte - Assemblymember, 16th District

John Crockford - Assemblymember, 29th District

Karl Abrams - Assemblymember, 53rd District

Jon Taleb - Assemblymember, 65th District