Patrick Ryan

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Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan... was a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization and student activist in the Portland, Oregon area who has worked with a number of labor and community organizations.[1].


Studied at Clackamas Community College.


Ryan resigned in 2010;

After two years of being an active member, I have concluded that the current political trajectory of FRSO will only yield further from the goal of liberation and I now resign from that organization...
[As forces were gathered, two years ago now, to capitalize on the mass revulsion at the GW Bush years and to elect Barack Obama, promises were made aplenty that Obama would bring historic change–ending the wars, elevating education and rectifying a considerable range of social and political injustices. There was wizardry in the hyperbole of the time, and tired reformists, many calling themselves revolutionary, joined forces to usher in the new day, and to suppress the nay-sayers. Activists from such groups as Freedom Road Socialist Organization united with paid organizers from NGOs, non-profits, and trade unions, as well as with old-line activists from the CPUSA and Committees of Correspondence, to direct people into “Progressives for Obama,” “US Social Forum”, “Right to the City,” “Grassroots Global Justice” and other post-radical reform initiatives.[2]

Portland DSA Facebook group

Members of Portland Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook page, as of March 2017 included Patrick Ryan.