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The Nuclear Information and Resource Service, based in Washinton, D.C., was established by individuals closely associated with the Institute for Policy Studies in the summer of 1978 to serve as an information and communications center for environmentalist and antinuclear power activists.[1]


In 1980, NIRS described its main project as "building detailed, up-to-date files on skilled people helpful to the antinuclear and safe energy movement." NIRS has played a central role in generating support for "nuclear free Pacific" groups, and is the U.S. distribution center for WISE.[1]


NIRS activities have included cosponsoring a public speech by IPS "senior fellow" Richard Barnet in March 1980, in which he denounced U.S. reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan as an effort to start a "new Cold War," attacked the United States for developing "destabilizing weapons systems...not only the Trident, but the MX" and Pershing II and cruise missiles for Europe.

With funding from sources including the Youth Project and Cora and Peter Weiss, the NIRS budget was approximately $200,000 as at March, 1982.[1]