Northeast Tennessee Democratic Socialists of America

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Northeast Tennessee Democratic Socialists of America is affiliated to Democratic Socialists of America.

Democratic Left

Democratic Left Gets a New Editorial Team Including a member from Northeast TN DSA.

Under the leadership of incoming editor-in-chief R.L. Stephens, DSA's new editorial committee will work to cultivate a diverse range of perspectives and create a vibrant political discourse. We're thrilled to announce that one of our members, Bonnie Bailey, is part of the new committee. Congrats, Bonnie! [1]

ETSU salaries campaign


August 2019 Connor McClelland, Austin Cable, Dennis Prater, Kenzie Boughner, Carson Morgan and Kieran Russell-Berry stand with one of their signs on the steps of Burgin Dossett Hall ahead of a special meeting for the ETSU Board of Trustees

Over the past year, East Tennessee State University student activists like Connor McClelland have been integral in intensifying a campuswide campaign to raise adjunct professors’ salaries.

Amid that pressure from campus union and student organizers, the College of Arts and Sciences announced plans last month to raise adjunct wages by $100 for anyone making less than $800 per credit hour.

But activists like McClelland — who helped found the ETSU Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter and has served on the Student Government Association — believe this recent campaign is part of a broader fight for socio-economic justice.

After helping start the YDSA on campus, and consequentially meeting the members of the United Campus Workers Union, I was reinvigorated with a passion I had for some time regarding labor unions and their power to improve the lives of workers. I had seen for some time the UCW work and struggle to get recognition for advocating against the conditions faced by many ETSU employees, and after finally getting involved with them, I wanted to help. I was one of the original core members who had pushed that YDSA as a group should focus on a campaign regarding this issue. We asked everyone if they were on board, and from there, we decided to start advocating for our adjunct faculty as supportive students, and every day the support and traction for Adjunct Action only grew.[2]

Supporting teachers

Northeast Tennessee Democratic Socialists of America February 28, 2018 ·


Northeast TN DSA supports the teachers of West Virginia as they enter day six of their strike. Whitney Prater back center, Franklin Montenegro front, second from right.


Northeast Tennessee Democratic Socialists of America January 20, 2018.


With Dennis Prater, Zoe Wells, Whitney Prater and Bonnie Bailey.

County Commission run

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In 2018 Dennis Prater of Northeast Tennessee Democratic Socialists of America ran for Washington County commissioner in Johnson City Tennessee.

Political Education Study Group - September 2017


Political Education Study Group - September 2017 Hosted by Northeast Tennessee DSA

Wednesday, September 20 at 6:30 PM - 8 PM

413 W Walnut St, Johnson City, TN 37604-6713, United.

Location update: The meeting will now be held at The Next Door at 413 W Walnut St, beside the Acoustic Coffeehouse (which is 415 W Walnut).
What is democratic socialism? What's the deal with capitalism? Join us for a presentation & discussion.[3]