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New Organizing Institute (NOI) is a progressive advocacy and campaign training organization. It uses online organizing techniques such as writing emails, bloggers, social networks, and video to advance progressive and Democratic Party agenda. It also focuses on political technology, which involves using data effectively, progressive technology infrastructure, as well as focuses on the intersection with field and management of these areas.[1]


NOI's mission is to train and support a new generation of campaigners to use technology to advance progressive messages and agenda. The organization works to consolidate and disseminate knowledge gained in political technology and online organizing fields. It works to conduct new research and post-campaign investigations that use systems that focus on results to make progressive campaigns and organizations more efficient.[1]


NOI offers training programs to cover new media technology and development strategy. It provides webinars for instruction as well as a network trainers bureau that provides a door to an extensive network of organizing experts in the progressive movement. The organization also provides a technology infrastructure that connects those interested to various progressive organizations to facilitate discussion.[2]

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