Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County

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Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County is based in Maryland.



Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County, October 26, 2016:

This. This is why our club was founded.

In 2014, Congressman John K. Delaney faced a tough re-election campaign, and Muslims played a vital role in helping him win that year. More than half his interns were Muslims, and large numbers of his volunteers were Muslims, too. But they weren't organized by Uncles or Aunties: they were organized by young people. The Uncles and Aunties didn't want to help John win, and so we almost lost a Democrat to an extreme, Islamophobic tea party member. But young Muslim Americans helped stopped that from happening, and to protect our community's interests, a group of 30 of us founded the Muslim Democratic Club.
The Muslim Democratic Club is challenging the inequality, the racism, sexism, mysogyny corruption, ableism, homophobia, hypocrisy, superstitions, casteism and male privilege that has kept our county's 100,000 Muslims from seeing a single one of us elected to state or county office in the past decade--not to mention *ever* to federal office. Will you join us to end Uncle-Ji rule, and bring forth Democratic rule in our community?
In one year, our club has been mentioned and cited in no less than 20 articles and broadcast news clips for our work to elect Muslim women to office, end bigotry within our community against Jews, Hindus and the LTBGQ community, and work hard to train the next generation of Muslim leaders. But we need all of us to work together going forward.
On election day, we need you to volunteer to shatter the glass ceiling with 18 million cracks in it, and help us elect Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States.

DM us tonight if you're interested in being a part of MoCo's GOTV push in Pennsylvania. Our community can't afford to be run by Uncles anymore. It's time Muslim Americans step up and raise our voices to save America on November 8.[3]


Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County March 29, 2015:


With Mona Haggag, Mustafa Kamel, Nadia Syahmalina, Sherif Kadir and Aminda Kadir.

2018 endorsements

Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County June 5 2018:


We are proud to announce that for county council, we endorse Brandy Brooks & Danielle Meitiv for MoCo at this time.

For Select State Delegate Races:

  • District 39: - A Special Press Release will be issued
  • County Executive: Endorsement Pending.
  • CD-08: Jamie Raskin
  • CD-06: A Special Press Release will be issued
  • Governor: Endorsement Pending

Raskin panel

Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County December 17, 2016:

Thank you to our panelists today!


Please note, that as a Muslim organization, we have committed to make sure all of our panel discussions are gender-balanced, if not majority female. Today, all four Muslim members of our panel were female (Saba Ahmad is missing is this photo).

Ending Gender Inequality is a core mission for our organization.