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Mililani Trask is the sister of Haunani-Kay Trask.


Trask has been a guest lecturer at University of Hawaii and at International Training Center for Indigenous Peoples, in Greenland. She's one of the primary drafters of Declaration of the Rights of indigenous peoples which passed the United Nations General . Assembly in 2007. Trask served as Pacific Indigenous Rep. to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. She also served two four year terms as Kia Aina (Prime Minister) of Ka Lahui Hawaii, the sovereign Hawaian Nation.[1]

Autobiography of protest in Hawai'i

The 1996 book "Autobiography of protest in Hawai'i" by Robert H. Mast and Anne B. Mast, contained a chapter on sovereignty, with contributions from Kekuni Blaisdell, Lynette Cruz, Mililani Trask. Davianna McGregor, Hayden Burgess (Poka Laenui), Ku'umeaaloha Gomes.


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