Midwest Center for Labor Research

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Midwest Center for Labor Research

Mickey Jarvis connection

Dan Swinney knew Mickey Jarvis well;

We always said there should have been a movie about Mickey--a totally unique mix of character, principles, commitment, determination, humor, character, politics, culture, and character.
Always a modest soldier in the struggle to change the world, he was an enormous influence on me in my early days as a local steelworker leader in Chicago. He guided me as I tried to weave my way through the competing tensions of vision, politics, practicality, and fun. He was tireless in keeping someone like me connected to those he knew should be working together.
He was truly the co-founder of what was then the Midwest Center for Labor Research, and now the Center for Labor and Community Research, serving on our first Board of Directors. He saw the need for a much deeper analysis of what was going on in companies and the economy as we witnessed hundreds of plant closings, the loss of thousands of jobs, and complex negotiations in the steel industry as the basis for determining what organizers should really do--rather than just follow slogans and formulas from an earlier era. MCLR was one of his creations...
In Solidarity and on behalf of the Board and staff of the Center for Labor and Community Research in Chicago. [1]

Radical Scholars & Activists Conference

In 1993 the Midwest Center for Labor Research was an endorser/sponsor of the Midwest Radical Scholars & Activists Conference. The theme of the conference was, "Popular Empowerment in the Clinton Era". The conference was held between Oct. 29 - 30, 1993 at Loyola University, Chicago.[2]


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