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Michael Hansen is Executive Director at Gasp. Lives in Birmingham, Alabama.


  • Studied Marketing at University of Memphis
  • Went to Collierville High School


  • Co-Founder/Owner at Mud Pie Creative Lab
  • Former U.S. Senate Candidate at Michael Hansen
  • Former Director of Public Relations at The Modern Brand Co.

DSA Renegotiate NAFTA petition

In 2009 Michael Hansen signed a petition calling on President Barack Obama to Renegotiate NAFTA. The petition was initiated and circulated by Democratic Socialists of America.[1]  

Our Revolution - Birmingham Group

Members of Our Revolution - Alabama's Our Revolution - Birmingham Group Public Facebook Group, accessed October 3 2017, included Michael Hansen.[2]

Portland DSA Facebook group

Members of Portland Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook page, as of March 2017 included Michael Hansen.