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Mark Cook

Venezuela delegation 2019


Mark Cook, Pat Fry, Peter Lackowski, Keith Brookes, Suzanne Ross, Ann Fawcett Ambia, David Thomas, Stanley Kastor. .

National Lawyers Guild

The 2009 National Executive Committee of the National Lawyers Guild included Mark Cook, Co-Jailhouse Lawyer VP.[1]

Letter to Holder and Obama

February 7, 2011, Seattle United Against FBI Repression, contacts: Ellen Finkelstein and Doug Barnes press release;

Local leaders and groups ask President Obama and U.S. Attorney General to end Grand Jury investigation of peace and solidarity activists...

More than 70 regional community leaders and organizations have signed an open letter calling on President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to use their authority to "stop assaults on freedom of speech and association, to halt FBI entrapment, [and] to keep nonviolent activists from being sent to prison.” The letter was issued by Seattle United Against FBI Repression.

Signatories included Mark Cook, member of Seattle Jericho.