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Louis Proyect

Template:TOCnestleft Louis Proyect was in the Socialist Workers Party, then the North Star Network.


Louis Proyect was a member of the North Star Network launched by Peter Camejo in the early 1980s, an experiment in regroupment around a nonsectarian outlook that inspired this website. Louis also identifies with efforts by the Socialist Union of the 1950s that was led by Bert Cochran and Harry Braverman who also hoped to create an alternative to the “Leninist” party-building model that actually had little in common with the Russian Social Democracy that was marked by public debates by free-spirited men and women.

Prior to this, Louis had been a member of the Socialist Workers Party for 11 years. He is grateful for the education he received in the party and the experience he gained in the mass movements but has felt since leaving it in 1978 that another approach is necessary. He hopes that the North Star website will provide a platform for people thinking along the same lines.

He is also the film editor for CounterPunch Magazine and a member of New York Film Critics Online (NYFCO). As a NYFCO member, he has reviewed over 900 films over the past two decades, all of which are archived on RottenTomatoes.com.

Most of Louis’s articles, including those relating to the problem of how to build a mass revolutionary movement, can be read on his blog at LouisProyect.org but he also has written for a wide variety of journals both print and electronic, including “Critical Muslim”, “Capitalism, Nature and Socialism” and “Class, Race and Corporate Power”.[1]

North Star editorial board

In 2015, the North Star editorial board consisted of Jim Brash, Curtis Hinson, Matt Hoke, Mark Lause, Louis Proyect, Matt Roach.[2]