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The Labor Research_Association was started early in the 1930's as a "labor" research organization and Communist Party USA propaganda operation. It has remained one of the CP's most loyal fronts during the 20th Century, directing its "facts" towards influencing congressmen, the media, academia, and the liberal/left.

Staring in 1931, it published a bi=annual book, "Labor Fact Books" which were loaded with communist propaganda, but they serve as a good source of information on the communists and how they propagandize events and people.

In The "Guide to Subversive Organizations and Publications (and Appendixes), HCUA, Dec. 1, 1961, three citations of LRA as a CP organization were listed in summary form, along with the original source. They were:

  • 1. Cited as a subversive "affiliate" of the Communist Party and as an organization which seeks "to alter the form of government of the United States by unconstitutional means." Attorney General Tom Clark, letter to Loyalty Review Board, released December 4, 1947.

Leaders of Labor Research Association

Over time, there have been a few key leaders of LRA and those publicly identified as such include:

Labor Fact Book Synopsis by Edition Number

Labor Fact Book 12 had, on the inside of its back cover, a list of "Special Features of Previous Volumes, Still Available". The are being reproduced here as an aid to researchers who might be interested in seeing what the CP line was on the issues of the day are published in this series. It should be noted that they were published by the CPUSA's publishing house, International Publishers, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York, 16, N.Y. (as of 1955), and were printed by the CP's in-house printing union/shop, Prompt Press, which used the identifying printing bug 209. Prompt Press was identified twice in the "Guide to Subversive Organizations" as the printing shop of the CPUSA, p. 142.

  • Labor Fact Book 5 - Spain under Franco; Facts about the FBI; anti-Labor Tactics; Killing of Workers. This book was probably printed in 1940.
  • Labor Fact Book 6 - Small Business in the War; Concentration of War Contracts; High Salaries of Corporate Executives; Unions in World War II. Est. published in 1942.
  • Labor Fact Book 7 - Roosevelt's Economic Bill of Rights; Cartels; Labor's Postwar Program; White Collar Workers; Negroes in the Armed Forces. Est. published in 1944.
  • Labor Fact Book 8 - Conditions of the Negro People (Chapter); Wartime Shipping Profits; Newspaper Monopoly; CIO Report on Soviet Labor. Est. published in 1946.
  • Labor Fact Book 9 - Merger Movement; Oil Imperialism in Middle East; Attacks on Academic Freedom; Progress Party; Unions in the People's Democracies. Est. printed in 1948.
  • Labor Fact Book 10 - The Marshall Plan; War Taxes; Fascist Violence in Peekskill; Expulsions from the CIO; Organized Labor in the Elections. Est. printed in 1950.
  • Labor Fact Book 11 - Cold War Budget; Eisenhower Farm Program; Big Money in the Elections; Taft-Hartley; Balcklisting in Radio, TV and Screen. Est. printed in 1953.
  • Labor Fact Book 12 - Economic Trends; Labor and Social Conditions; Civil Rights (re McCarthyism, McCarran Act, congressionsl committees, anti-communist legislation, trials, etc); Trade Unions in the U.S. (AFL, CIO, UE, Fur and Leather Workers, etc); Labor Relations and Strikes; Farm Facts and Trends; Political Trends; Labor Abroad. Printed 1955. Covered the years 1953-1954.

LRA Luncheons, Banquets and Salutes By Year

The LRA usually held some kind of luncheon, banquet or "salute" each year, often several a year, to honor (and snare in) both communists, sympathizers and dupes. This section will list each found event, its purpose, organizers, honorees, etc.

Just because someone was "honored" doesn't mean that they necessarily knew that LRA was a Communist Party front. Where possible, KW will try to fully identify these recipients of honors, awards, etc.

"Third Annual Labor Research Association Luncheon 10/29/78"

The CPUSA newspaper the Daily World (DW), in their Saturday, October 21, 1978 edition, page 4, had an announcement article entitled "LRA fete to honor Parren Mitchell". The full text of this article is as follows:

"New York, Oct. 20 - The third annual Labor Research Association (LRA) luncheon will be an important gathering of trade union members and peace activists to honor the man behind the Transfer Amendment, Congressman Parren Mitchell.

Mitchell will be honored at a luncheon tribute October 29, at the Hotel Roosevelt at noon.

Mitchell's Transfer Amendment would cut the bloated military budget and use the money to help meet vital civilian needs.

The amendment, Mitchell's outstanding congressional record and his leadership in the Congressional black Caucus (CBC) have drawn the attention of many peace and labor groups.

Labor Support

Among the labor unions to be represented are the International Association of Machinists (IAM), United Auto Workers (UAW), United Electrical Workers (UE), [Teamsters]], Furriers, District 65 and District 1199.

"The luncheon will bring together labor and peace proponents who support Mitchell's demand for an end to the arms race and to meet people's needs and to shorten the work week," Joseph Harris, editor of LRA's Economic Notes said.

Reservations for the luncheon tribute can be made by calling LRA (212) 473-3245. Special tables for rank-and-file groups at reduced rates are available, as are $3 tickets for those who only want to attend the after luncheon program.

Program speakers are

The host is Eleanor Tilson, vice president of the United Storeworkers, and entertainment will be by Hazel Dickens, the noted folk singer. (End of article).

"Eighth Annual Luncheon honoring the Congressional Black Caucus 1982"

According to an article in the CPUSA newspaper, Daily World , Oct. 21, 1982, p. 4, "Labor Research Associations' Eighth Annual Luncheon honoring the Congressional Black Caucus on November 21 is receiving increasing support from all levels of trade union leadership, according to Kate Abell, the organization's Associate Director."

The affair was officially called the "Salute to the Congressional Black Caucus" in the article and regarding making reservations for the event at the LRA, 80 E. 11th Street, Room 634, New York, New York, 10003 (212) 473-1042.

  • Kate Abell - for a long time a covert member of the CPUSA. Later came out as an open member.

"Among the trade unionist co-sponsors, listed alphabetically, are:

According to the "Daily World", November 11, 1982, p. 20, "Hail Black Caucus at LRA annual fete", "The guest of honor and keynote speaker on the occasion will be congressman John Conyers (D-MI) who easily won reelection and who will address the gathering on 'The 1982 Elections and the Path Ahead'."

One of the attendees scheduled to speak was Frank Chapman, Associate Director of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression NAARPR.