Kenny Schaeffer

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Kenny Schaeffer

NYC DSA Steering Committee

In 1993 Kenny Schaeffer was Housing Task Force chair of the New York Democratic Socialists of America Steering Committee.[1]

DSA member

In 2008, Ken Schaeffer was a member of Democratic Socialists of America.[2]

DSA Renegotiate NAFTA petition

In 2009 Kenny Schaeffer signed a petition calling on President Barack Obama to Renegotiate NAFTA. The petition was initiated and circulated by Democratic Socialists of America.[3]

NYC DSA steering committee

In 2009 New York City Democratic Socialists of America elected a new steering committee, with Maria Svart as chair, Chris Maisano as secretary, Kenny Schaeffer as treasurer, David Yap as membership coordinator, and Jason Schulman as at large member.[4]