Joe Bader

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Joe Bader

Joe Bader is a Flagstaff Arizona activist. He is married to Eva Putzova. From Santa Monica, California.


Elections matter!


Progressive Democrats of America Northern Arizona, August 27, 2014.

Joe Bader - "Just think, my Flagstaff friends. If we win a majority on the council in the fall, we can start implementing programs to help the poor, families, and the working people in our city, as well as sane environmental policies. Elections matter!"

PDA member

Progressive Democrats of America Northern Arizona, March 19, 2012.


PDNA March Meeting. — with Dennis aka The stud, Dennis O. Jones, Saebin Sabrina Yi, Joe Bader, Eva Putzova, Cheryl Bader, Mary McKell and Kate Timbers Coggin.

Campaigning for Eva

Progressive Democrats of America Northern Arizona, August 26, 2014.


With Frankie Beesley, Joe Bader, Shaun McKernan, Marilyn J. Weissman, Eva Putzova, Fred P. DuVal, Katherine Kurmes and William E. Kurmes.

Minimum wage lawsuit

Moving Flagstaff Forward April 13, 2015.

Attorney Mik Jordahl, Flagstaff Councilmember Eva Putzova and Joe Bader before the press conference where we announced the filing of the lawsuit challenging the authority of the state of Arizona to regulate the minimum wage across the state and prevent cities from determining what is the best path based on local conditions.