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Jen Moore Conrow


Jen Moore Conrow is an abortion provider.

Jen Moore Conrow is a "founding board member" of the Abortion Care Network and is Administrative Director of (PEACE) (formerly Penn Family Planning and Pregnancy Loss Center) in Philadelphia, PA, where she "educat[es] and train[s] the next generation of abortion providers".

LinkedIn Bio

"Jen Moore Conrow, MFS, began her career in reproductive health, rights and justice in public policy at NARAL: Pro-Choice America, but quickly found her calling in the world of clinical abortion and pregnancy loss care. For nearly a decade at Cherry Hill Women’s Center, Jen was part of a team that defined quality later abortion care while also working actively in the local and national community to destigmatize abortion and to increase access to care. During this time, Jen was a founding board member of the Abortion Care Network, an organization created to support and empower independent abortion providers and create community with activists, organizations and researchers committed to reproductive justice.
"Currently, Jen is the Director of PEACE at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where she oversees the Ryan Family Planning Fellowship and residency training program, educating and training the next generation of abortion providers. Jen serves on the Executive Committee of the Abortion Care Network Board of Directors and has completed a Core Align Generative Fellowship."[1]

Abortion Care Network

Abortion Care Network is funded by Open Society Foundation's Communities Against Hate initiative.

Abortion Care Network was awarded a grant for $70,000 over six months to "create a [national] network of social workers uniquely positioned to provide support to abortion providers."[2]



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