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Template:TOCnestleft Jeff Schatz is a graduate of local design/build firms. Jeff Schatz opened his own practice Jeff Schatz Construction in 1987. His firm has remained small and focused (three employees), and builds mainly in West Los Angeles and Malibu.

Call for a Conference on Racism and National Oppression


Call for a Conference on Racism and National Oppression was a 1980 call by Marxist-Leninists of The Trend, most of whom were Line of March activists, for a national conference on "Racism and National Oppression" to be held in the summer of 1981 in New York or the Bay Area.

Signers from Los Angeles were;

Cuba with Bass

Jeff Schatz, who met Karen Bass on first trip to Cuba in 1973 with the Venceremos Brigade and remains a friend, told me that he remembered her mediating between American volunteers who were getting on each other’s nerves. “She just got in there and worked to say ‘Hey, we’re out here to learn stuff. We’re out here to work and work together,” said Schatz, who added that he fell in love with the construction work he did in Cuba and decided to make a career of it. He now runs a business that specializes in building luxury homes in Malibu.