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Jason Chan is the Director of the Chinatown Tenants Union at CAAAV. Jason joined staff in September 2011 after working as an active volunteer of Chinatown Tenants Union since 2009. Before joining CAAAV staff, he worked at the China Institute as the Program Manager of the Adult Chinese Language and Tutoring Program.

Fundraiser for Bonta

Rob bontop.JPG

Meet Rob Bonta! Leap Forward at the Leap Year Reception

We Invite You and Your Friends to Meet Alameda Vice Mayor Rob Bonta Candidate for State Assembly At a 6:00 – 8:00 PM Leap Year and Reception

Wednesday, February 29, 2012, Mila Llorente and Ernie Llorente Residence, San Francisco, Ca. 92147.

CO-CHAIRS (Partial List)

Viki Bamba, Carmen Colet , Lupita Kashiwahara, Mila Llorente, Vince Agbayani, Jesse Agbayani, Cesar Alegria, Ana Alegria, Wendy Andong , Aida Barrios, Alice Bulos, Jason Chan, Emil de Guzman, Mark Grafilo, Angie Louie, Marily Mondejar, Al Perez, Olga Poblete, Joanne del Rosario, Fely Santiago, Bernadette Sy, Lourdes Tancinco, Lili Tarachand, Anthony Villanueva.

CEEP Delegation to China Report Back

A China Education and Exposure Program delegation went to China December 2013.

At Left Forum 2014

The rise of China as a global economic force implementing a capitalist agenda in the past decade – and the massive, bottom up resistance of workers and peasants to the exploitation that has accompanied it -- demands that leftists in the US develop an analysis on China that is grounded in current conditions. In 2013, a delegation of Chinese American organizers went to China to learn about organizing efforts in Mainland China. The culmination of conversations with more than 10 organizations in China organizing around labor, environmental justice, women's rights, and queer issues opened up space for us to put forth the following questions: In China, what are the conditions people are organizing against? What are people fighting for? What is the nature of anti-capitalist struggle and the social justice movement in China? How have the State and Capitalists responded? And lastly, what role do we play in the US in supporting people's struggles in China?

Chair/Facilitator: Helena Wong