Janice Zitelman

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Template:TOCnestleft Janice Zitelman is aTexas activist. Lives in San Antonio, Texas.



  • Former Clinical Social Worker at Heart Choices Care Management
  • Worked at State of Texas Family & Protective Services Department

Endorsing Fetonte

Texas Democratic Socialists of America members who endorsed Danny Fetonte when he ran for DSA NPC in 2017 included Kit JonesFort Worth, Kristi LaraPlano, Deborah Beltran, Kristian HernandezDallas, Ashley Rodriguez, Judy LugoEl Paso, Janice ZitelmanKerrville, Sitina GutierrezWaco, Gena Probst and Scott NelsonBryan,.[1]

DSA Labor Statement of Support for Danny Fetonte

In August 2017 a group of Democratic Socialists of America labor activists issued a joint statement of support for newly elected DSA NPC member Danny Fetonte. The group was fighting back against other DSAers wanting to remove Fetonte for his past work for a Texas law enforcement union.

Signatories included Janice Zitelman, Communication Workers of America . Democratic Socialists of America member for two years. [2]