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Jamie Diamond

"Summer Open Mic"

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee organized a "Summer Open Mic" session at Picture the Homeless 104 East 126th Street New York, Saturday 11 July 2015, 18:00.

This summer, RSCC is taking up the struggles of anti-police brutality, anti-gentrification, and immigration work primarily in communities in the Bronx, Harlem, Queens, and Brooklyn. Our days have been spent talking to high school students, giving talks on trains, performing cop-watch patrols, conducting studies and workshops, organizing and attending protests, and so much more. As a revolutionary student organization, it is our duty to fight for our people; this means that when we fight to liberate CUNY, we're not just looking out for the students, we're looking to create a base for revolutionary struggles to happen in our communities. Therefore, it is also our duty to take the fight straight to our neighborhoods and serve the people!
We want everyone to support and join us in the months to come. Join us for a night of revolutionary culture through music, dance, poetry, spoken word, raffle prizes, and art. The floor is open to anyone who wants to perform.

Those indicating support or attendance on the event's Whenever page included Angie De LaGhetto, Lesh Vishwasrao, Felicia Castaldo, Meli LaSalle, Thasfia Chowdhury, Javal Ghalil Minor, Richard Finkelstein, Ibrahim Asad Siddiq, Far Han, Stephanie Zukasaka, Dakem Roberts, Nicole Fontan Sanchez, Ace LaBeija, Dan Cione, Sean Kennedy, Enbion Micah Aan, Daniel Carrillo, Rajib Lovesramen Miah, Achmat Akkad, Zishun Ning, Paul Funkhouser, Jon Laks, Michael Barber, Evan David, Jan Makovec, Miguel Rodriguez, Sankofa Taylor, Jasmine Abdelhady, Sonny Obhan, Xsavier Daniels, Albert A. Smith, IV, Nerdeen Kiswani, Yhamir Chabur, Josmar Trujillo, Ana Guillcatanda, Cathy Rojas, Shake Zula, Dave Uog, Khalil Vasquez, Daniel Gibbons, Percy Lujan, Erick Moreno, Jushima Peteso Elba, Tammie Marie David, Salma Ayai, Archer Sackey, Kim Morales, Daniel Dunn, Carah Naseem, Krutika Desai, Lauren Wilfong, Sharice Richards, Clayton Nino Brown , Rey Valentin, Eva Nidzeeva, Rachel J. Chapman, Nizum Khan, Maureen Silverman, Epiphany Epiphany, Ashley Ngozi Agbasoga, Rebecca Hensley, Nicole Bugarin, Jose Ponce, Tony Polanco-Bethancourt, Katie Merriman, Jamie Diamond, Fritzi Fredericka DeBeer Charno, Arlene Cornejal, Lisa MacDonald, Sophie Warren, Donnay Edmund, Marlo Jones, Katrina Cortes, Alexia Garcia, Stephanie Villeda, Narish Singh, Michelle Natanzon, Talii Malik, Katherine E. Vasquez, Kiara Chandler, Adelita Karla Cambio.[1]

Coordinating Committee 2016

Tuesday 12 January 2016, George Washington University Progressive Student Union convened the First Coordinating Committee of the Year.

We are committed to fighting for student rights, workers rights, intersectional feminism, environmentalism, and social and economic justice. Want to help change not only George Washington but the nation? Ask to be on our listserv and come to our meetings!
The GW Progressive Student Union is a collective of students committed to fundamental social change. We are leftists of all stripes, ranging from Democrats to socialists to anarchists who believe in a more just and equal society, who are organizing together around our common ideals. The mission of the Progressive Student Union is to organize around student and worker issues at GWU and in DC. We believe that in order to have a university that works for all and not the few, students and workers need to band together and fight for justice. The leadership comprises of a non-hierarchical Coordinating Committee. All general members of PSU are welcome to join the CC if they want a hand in building the organization and the campaigns more directly. Another world is not only possible -- it is necessary. Come help us build it.

Those indicating their support on Wherevent included Alexa Zogopoulos, Ross Berry, Katie Campbell, Sam Tiratto, Olive Eisdorfer, Taylor Lacaillade, Logan Malik, Kelsey Hongisto-Bowman, Ali Oksner, Mel Piskai, Cecilia Contreras, Courtney Gabinetti, Adam Cetorelli, Kei Pritsker, Callie Tansill-Suddath, Cristian Alex Izquierdo, Jamie Diamond, Ariella Neckritz, Charlie Spirtos, Henry Klapper. [2]

Lobbying Schumer

Lobbying schumer.JPG

Pete Zah‎ Buffalo DSA Discussion Group, September 19 2017.

DSAers and LUPers spent over an hour with Shannon Patch, the head of Senator Schumer's Buffalo office this morning.

We had a frank, respectful and productive conversation with Ms Patch about Medicare for All at the state and federal levels as well as the new Trump bill.

There are now 17 co sponsors to the Bernie bill in the Senate and we remain one cosponsors short for the NY Health Act.

If you would like to add umph to this lobbying effort, feel free to send a followup call to Schumer's Buffalo office in support of medicare for all!

peace — with Donna Grace, Brian Nowak, Matt Dearing and Jamie Diamond.

Facebook discussion group

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America - Buffalo, public Facebook discussion group, as of March 12, 2017 included Jamie Diamond .[3]