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Template:TOCnestleft Happy Lim has been organizing in the Chinese community since the 1930’s. Lim, who was 72 years old in 1982, was still working and actively supports the progressive movement in San Francisco Chinatown. A frequent contributor to Unity newspaper, Lim was a well-known poet and essayist.[1]

East Wind

In 1985 Contributing Editors to the League of Revolutionary Struggle Asian journal East Wind included:

SAN FRANCISCO : Wilma Chan, founding member of the Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco); Gordon Chang, Asian American history instructor at Stanford University; Forrest Gok, Paper Angels Productions board of directors and former staff of San Francisco Journal; Jon Jang, jazz recording artist/producer of Are You Chinese or Charlie Chan?: Happy Lim, journalist, poet, writer, and Secretary of the Chinese Workers Mutual Aid Association in the 1940s; Masao Suzuki-Bonzo, graduate student in economics, Stanford University; Ranko Yamada, attorney.