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Gustavo Rodriguez...

Love and Rage

Shortly after the Minneapolis Love and Rage Conference an Anarchist Gathering in Cuernavaca, Mexico set in motion events that would eventually lead to the establishment of Love and Rage in Mexico. Originally the Cuernavaca Gathering was going to be a continuation of the Continental Gatherings but the Mexicans quickly came to the conclusion that they were not prepared to play host to an anarchist invasion from the north, and that there The Cuernavaca Gathering in September 1991 suffered from many of the same problems as the Gatherings in the US and Canada in the late 1980s: disorganization, petty squabbles and so on. In particular there was considerable resistance to the demands of the women present that the Gathering confront the profound sexism within the Mexican anarchist movement. Gustavo Rodriguez, active with Love and Rage in Miami, was one of the few men who sided with the women. As a consequence of the Cuernavaca Gathering the women formed the Emma Goldman Collective and Gustavo Rodriguez relocated to Mexico City to assist in the organization of a Love and Rage group.[1]

Socialist Scholars Conference

Bob Erler, William Paterson College, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Libertarian Book Club, Steve Rabinowitz, Workers Solidarity Alliance and Gustavo Rodriguez, Love and Rage Durruti Brigade were speakers on the A New World for Anarchism: Dangers & Opportunities panel sponsored by the Libertarian Book Club at the Tenth Annual Socialist Scholars Conference. The conference was held April 24-26, 1992 at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York City.

Rodriguez also spoke alongside Bob McGlyne, Neither East Nor West and Leandro Capaz, Cuban Gay Emigré Activist were speakers on the Cuba: Alternative Perspectives and Resistance Movements panel sponsored by Neither East Nor West.[2]


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