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Grassroots Policy Project is an affiliate of USAction.[1]

GPP Staff Members

GPP's staff of four "brings together over 125 years of organizing, network-building, designing workshops and strategy development and more. Our combined experiences give us multiple ties to social movements, including labor, community organizing, environmental and economic justice, identity-based movements and more."

  • Richard Healey is Executive Director and founder. In the 1970s, Richard was National Director of the New American Movement. Subsequently Healey served as Director of the Institute for Policy Studies, the Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy and Nuclear Times and was a founder of the Study Circle Resource Center. Healey received his Ph.D. in mathematics from UCLA and a Masters in Public Health from Harvard.
  • Sandra Hinson is Director of Policy Development. Hinson has been active in the labor movement as well as economic and environmental justice networks, reproductive justice organizing, and campaigns for universal health care. She received a Masters in Sociology from SUNY at Stony Brook. With GPP since 1994, Hinson has developed strategic planning and training materials as well as strategic analysis of healthcare, taxes and budget policies and other policy issues.
  • Dave Mann is an Associate Director. mann has been working with GPP for over five years on strategy development and planning programs. Mann has worked on issue and electoral campaigns, organization-building and strategy development. He helped found and eventually served as a Co-Director of the Minnesota Alliance for Progressive Action, overlapping with Alexa Bradley. He subsequently co-facilitated the creation of TakeAction Minnesota. Mannhas established relationships with numerous local and statewide networks, coalitions and faith-based groups as a consultant on strategy development and long-term planning.[2]

GPP Board of Directors

As of 2010;

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