Geraldine Ferraro

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Geraldine Ferarro

Geraldine Ferarro

Socialist backing

Harold Meyerson details Democratic Socialists of America member Mildred Jeffrey's work with Joanne Howes to promote 1984 Democratic Party vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro;[1]

Millie then became “the unelected leader,” in the words of her co-conspirator Joanne Howes, of a committee of seven Democratic women promoting the idea of a female vice presidential candidate on the 1984 ticket. “By the fall of 1983,”recalls Howes, “we came to the conclusion that the right person was Gerry Ferraro” – then an obscure member of Congress from Queens. That required augmenting Ferraro’s visibility and bona fides, and as a result of “Millie’s strategic thinking,” says Howes, the group successfully pressured the party and Walter Mondale to make Ferraro chair of the convention platform committee. The rest is herstory.

Dream of Equality awardee

Geraldine Ferraro is a past recipient of Asian Americans for Equality's annual Dream of Equality award.[2]

National Democratic Institute

Circa 2012, Geraldine Ferraro served on the Board of the National Democratic Institute, a US affiliate of the Socialist International.[3]



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