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Elizabeth Howton is the senior communications officer for the infoDev program of the World Bank, which helps start-up entrepreneurs in developing countries grow their businesses. Previously she was the World Bank Group's Global Web Editor, responsible for the homepage, the Voices blog, and shaping the Bank's online presence. She joined the Bank in 2012 as Online Communications Officer for the South Asia Region.

Her experience prior to the Bank includes 10 years as an editor at the San Jose Mercury News in California’s Silicon Valley. As Science and Health Editor, she sent reporters to Sri Lanka to cover the tsunami’s aftermath and to India to report on microbicides for HIV prevention, as well as editing a series on genetic medicine that the newspaper nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. After making the switch to online media, Howton became Managing Editor of EverydayHealth.com, the largest consumer-health website. She was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and holds a bachelor's degree from Stanford University and a master's degree from George Washington University.[1]


In 1987 Adam Aronson, Daniel Bao, Ann Mei Chang, Elizabeth Howton, and Barbara Voss were all leaders of GLAS (Gay and Lesbians of Stanford.[2]

Stanford activism

After "coming out" in the middle of her freshman year, Barbara Voss, a senior in anthropology with a concentration in archaeology, became involved with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance at Stanford in the fall of her junior year. Voss, who is taking her degree after only three years (1988), says her involvement with the gay community here has helped both to break down her own stereotypes and to build positive feelings about her own sexuality.

In the meantime, Voss has also become a force for change and progress in Stanford's gay community in the short period of her involvement. According to sophomore Elizabeth Howton, who is also a GLAS member, the gay community and the Stanford community in general would be "significantly behind if it wasn't for [Voss'] strong activism." In her three years at Stanford, Voss has invested time and energy in a variety of areas. Currently comanaging Stanford's recycling center, she also has participated in the Task Force to review the Area One Western Culture requirement, the Peoples Platform of the Rainbow Agenda, protests on Stanford's investments in South Africa and the fight for increased sensitivity about the needs of gay people at Stanford.

The Stanford Daily

As of may 1989;

Kathy Lachenauer Editor in Chief, Barrett Heywood Business Manager, Susan McKean and Lorl Silver Managing Editors, Mark Rogowsky Executive Editor, Chris Munoz Advertising Manager, Tim Marklein and Eric Young News Editors, Eric Jones and Frank Quaratiello News Production Editors, Elizabeth Howton and Bobby Landon Editorial Page Editors, Amy Rosenfeld and John Wagner Features Editors, David Earnest and Robert Pardlngton Sports Editors, Michael Topolovac Managing Photography Editor, Ken Beer, Kal Keasey, Damlan Marhefka and April Pearson Photography Editors, Andrew Berkowitz Entertainment Editor, Gene Anaya Assistant Entertainment Editor, Joe Rellly and Nancy Wallace World & Nation Editors, Jock Friedly Science Editor, Leslie Telcholz Books Editor, Mark Tompkins Graphics Editor Ann Marsh, Steve Phillips and Elsa Tsutaoka Multicultural Editors.[3]


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