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Eliot Seide is an International Vice President for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees from St. Paul, Minnesota.

Ellison supporters

Key supporters in the 2006 Ellison Congressional campaign included Dr. Josie Johnson, Dan McGrath of TakeAction Minnesota, Larry Weiss and Pam Costain, John Stiles, Shayna Berkowitz, Carla Kjellberg and Dick Kaspari from the National Lawyers Guild, Vic Rosenthal and Frank Hornstein helped organized the Jewish community, Donna Cassutt of the DFL helped out as did Muslims Asad Zaman, Ziad Amre, Makram El-Amin.

Labor officials such as Javier Morillo from SEIU, Bill McCarthy of the Central Labor Council, and Eliot Seide from AFSCME were also invoved.[1]

Backing Obama

On January 4, 2008 several AFSCME leaders wrote to union president Gerald McEntee protesting that union resources had been used to oppose the candidacy of Barack Obama.[2]

Dear President McEntee:
We are writing to protest in the strongest terms the negative campaign that AFSCME is conducting against Barack Obama. We do not believe that such a wholesale assault on one of the great friends of our union was ever contemplated when the International Executive Board (IEB) made its decision to endorse Hillary Clinton...
We are calling on you to take whatever action that is within your legal purview to immediately end AFSCME's attack campaign against Sen. Obama. In the event that you are not able to legally compel these staff members to cease these actions, we are calling on you to immediately take action to discontinue such independent expenditures in order to ensure that no further attacks occur. And we also urge you to ensure that no funds are utilized to wage such "attack campaigns" among our own members.
In solidarity,
  • Ken Allen, International Vice-President, Oregon
  • Henry Bayer, International Vice-President, Illinois
  • Greg Devereux, International Vice-President, Washington
  • Sal Luciano, International Vice-President, Connecticut
  • Roberta Lynch, International Vice-President, Illinois
  • George Popyack, International Vice-President, California
  • Eliot Seide, International Vice-President, Minnesota

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