Ed D'Angelo

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Ed D'Angelo

Ed D'Angelo is a Philosophy Professor, Quinniapac University, Connecticut. He has been to Cuba around 12 times.[1]

Philosophical conference

In 1982 Ed D'Angelo organized a conference with US Marxist and Cuban philosophers.[2]


Ed D'Angelo was in Nicaragua in 1986.

Cuba conference


Prof. Ed D'Angelo attended a conference comparing two approaches to socialism at the University of Havana in 2012. He spoke about it Tues., July 10, at the New Haven People's Center.

On 2012 July 10, Ed D'Angelo, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Quinnipiac University, reported on "Socialist Renovations and the Capitalist Crisis," a seminar held at the University of Havana, June 18-22. Leading U.S. and Cuban philosophers and social scientists exchanged viewpoints on Cuba's economic and political changes and the manifestations of the capitalist crisis.[3]

The event was sponsored by the Greater New Haven Peace Council.