Eastern Maine Democratic Socialists of America

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Eastern Maine Democratic Socialists of America is a Bangor Maine affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.

Council run

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In 2019 Seth Braun ran for Bangor City Council.

2018.09.26 Eastern Maine DSA Minutes

Location: Bangor Public Library, Board Room Chaired and Recorded by: Seth Braun

  • Graham and Eliza are from Hancock county, Sullivan and Seal Cove respectively
  • Many present from Socialist Party of Maine, would like to collaborate with people not ready to leave the democratic party on single issue campaigns and education events
  • Reading Group
  • Current reading group in Westbrook too far for most to drive out for.
  • Socialist Party currently working on putting together reading group in Bangor area, will discuss on conference call Tuesday night (October 2nd).
  • Passed around SMDSA bookmark with suggested reading
  • Issues in Penobscot County
  • Existing work
  • Transportation for All - Improving Bus system in Bangor area
  • Food AND Medicine - work on food insecurity/community gardens
  • Law Police Accountability Group - body cameras for Bangor PD
  • Organize for lower rent in Bangor(?)
  • Bangor has higher eviction rate than national average
  • Reaching out to people not at this meeting
  • Laurie Osher, Orono Town Council
  • Tahmoor Khan, Dems
  • Tim McGuire, Health Equity Alliance + Dems
  • Dillon Murray, Dems
  • Sam Portera, Maine People's Alliance + Dems
  • Candidates not accepting PAC money
  • Jared Golden
  • Zak Ringelstein
  • Setting up meeting in Ellsworth
  • community union, reach out to Jon Curtis
  • Nathalie Arruda, candidate for state house identifies as demsoc
  • Possible meeting places
  • library
  • Unitarian Church, Nathalie is involved, could help set up
  • Graham says Blue Hill could also be a good place to meet in the future
  • Schedule tentatively for week after election, Tuesday November 13th
  • Action Items
  • Reach out to people
  • Will Hurley - Tim McGuire
  • Kim Hammill - Laurie Osher, Tahmoor Khan, Ringelstein, and Golden
  • Seth Braun - Dillon Murray, Sam Portera
  • Ian Nesbitt - reach out to UMaine students who couldn’t make it
  • Will wants to set up a presentation by Dicky Balzano(sp?) on imperialism in Latin America. *Previously held in Belfast over the summer
  • Propose Ellsworth meeting to SMDSA
  • Graham and Eliza would like to attend
  • Kim will reach out to Jon Curtis and Nathalie Arruda
  • Set up reading group meeting in Bangor
  • Call on October 2nd
  • Members attend Rockland meeting if possible
  • Jake lives in Unity (Waldo County)[1]