Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

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The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

Click here for the Progressive Caucus of the Party.

Campaigners Union


Isuru Herath, August 11, 2018. · We are proud to announce that the MN DFL Coordinated campaign joined our rank and file campaign workers across Minnesota and the nation to be recognized as a union with the Campaign Workers Guild (CWG).

We appreciate the support from the Muphy campaign and the immediate recognition by the DFL. We are proud to join the rank and file movement! We are a UNION! — with Carlos Garcia Velasco, Nathan J. Lewicki, Deonte Horton, Jamila Mame, Lacie Matthews, Abdulrahman Wako, Jared Michael, Kong Pheng Xiong, Austin Muller, Jacob Potter, Margret Ritschel and Maeve Olson.