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Deborah Groban Olson...

Democratic Socialists of America founding conference

Deborah Olson moderated the day one "Organizing Under Fire" session of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee/New American Movement Unity Conference in Detroit March 21/22 1982, that resulted in the formation of Democratic Socialists of America[1].

Wellstone Action

In 2009 Deborah Olson was listed as a member of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board[2] of Wellstone Action, a Minnesota based organization based on the political legacy[3] of that state’s late ‘progressive” Senator Paul Wellstone.

Wellstone Action and Wellstone Action Fund combine to form a national center for training and leadership development for the progressive movement. Founded in January 2003, Wellstone Action's mission is to honor the legacy of Paul and Sheila Wellstone by continuing their work through training, educating, mobilizing and organizing a vast network of progressive individuals and organizations.

DSA members meeting

The Agenda for the March 7th 2009 Greater Detroit Democratic Socialists of America General Membership Meeting included speakers; [4]

  • Deborah Olson on Public-Private Partnerships to Stimulate Employment in Areas of Chronic Unemployment
  • State Representative Vicki Barnett—State Legislative Update