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Daniel Santiago

YDS contact

In 2013 Daniel Santiago, and Jason Hugh Korzelius were William Paterson University Young Democratic Socialists contact persons.[1]

Student debt

Deanna Wooten and Daniel Santiago of the Young Democratic Socialists chapter at William Paterson University in Wayne, N.J., helped the group organize a Student Debt Teach-In in Dec. 2013, and in January hosted a performance of “For Profit,” a one-man show about the for-profit educational industry.[2]

Campaign for Nonviolent Schools

Erika Almirón Niz March 10, 2011:


On March 30th the Campaign for Nonviolent Schools is sponsoring a mobilization to say "Fund our schools, not our prisons." We're meeting at 4pm at 13th and Filbert, and then... we march! — with Sonia M. Rosen, Ria Love, Caitlin Corbin, Joe Hill, Shanee Garner Nelson, Bunmi Samuel, Daniel Santiago, Natalie Almiron, SuperiorJolie Jay, Lanae Tamara Scott, Miguel Esteban Andrade, Kissy Kis, Norm Scott, Sharnell Barnett, Mariah Marie, Ito Almiron, Nancy Dung Nguyen, Fred Yuc, Leticia Al, Xu Lin, Kenya Mallory, Anna Marie Guyton, Ronald Blount, Bonnee Breese Bentum, Jordan Harris, Tiffany Bacon, Derrick Taylor, Victor Saez, Jomyra Crespo, Jamira Burley, Minh Nguyen-Rivera, Donnell Regusters, Lacoya Fielder-Johnson, Keith Lomax, Ellen Somekawa, Norman Wallace, Sarah Morris, Julia Patton, Derrick Perry, Sr. and Joe Hanzsum.