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The Commonwealth Institute is an independent, nongovernmental public policy research center located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The Institute is an operating program of the Commonwealth Foundation, an unendowed nonprofit corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA.[1]

The Work of the Commonwealth Institute

The lead project at the Commonwealth Institute, is the Project on Defense Alternatives, Charles Knight and Carl Conetta, co-directors.

PDA was founded in 1991 to develop an independent critical perspective on U.S. defense policy with a special focus on strategy and the structure of the armed forces. Since that time it has published nearly a hundred publications, hosted numerous panel discussions, headed two task forces, and maintained a number of topic specific online link libraries with over twelve thousand titles.

In 2011, the Commonwealth Institute was also host to two other "non-resident" projects:

Board of Directors of the Commonwealth Foundation

As of 2011;[3]