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Colby Harris

Colby Harris is an activist named as OUR Walmart staff in 2018.

Working for Respect: Community and Conflict at Walmart

United for Respect Logo

The 2018 book by Adam Reich and Peter Bearman titled Working for Respect: Community and Conflict at Walmart, the authors "matched student activists with a nascent association of current and former Walmart associates: the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart)" and from the summary provided by Columbia University Press: "They [the authors] follow the efforts of this new partnership, considering the formation of collective identity and the relationship between social ties and social change. They show why traditional unions have been unable to organize service-sector workers in places like Walmart and offer provocative suggestions for new strategies and directions."[1]

The book cites Andrea Dehlendorf, Colby Harris and Cindy Murray as "teaching students" about "organizing at Walmart." The book lists some OUR Walmart staff as Dan Schlademan, Eric Schlein, Eddie Iny, Angela Williamson, Girshriela Green, Cindy Murray and Colby Harris.[2]

JwJ May Day event

On Saturday, August 31, 2013, Jobs with Justice and the Worker Rights Board hosted a Labor Day action: “Can’t Survive on $7.25!” which included the first Annual Dallas Labor Day March and Rally since the 1940s. The purpose of the actions, which included a discussion panel involving state and

national representatives as well as representatives from the AFL-CIO and OURWalmart, was to bring to attention the plight of workers with minimum wage jobs. The members of the panel Congressman Marc Veasey, Texas House Representative Roberto Alonzo, the AFL-CIO’s Education Director Rick Leavey, and OURWalmart organizer Colby Harris, along with the moderator, Professor Dr. Joerg Rieger, discussed this issue and offered some insights.

Texas House Representative Roberto Alonzo, who talked about economic justice, immigration reform, and creating awareness about economic issues. He told the audience that the best way to move economic justice issues such as equal pay forward is to be supportive and persistent. [3]

Featured on MSNBC

Colby Harris featured on MSNBC

Color of Change posted interview with Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC featuring Colby Harris on Facebook dated October 16, 2013.[4]

Fired #Walmart worker Colby Harris spoke to Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC on Sunday about OUR Walmart and the campaign for respect at work.
"Walmart has a history of retaliating against workers who speak up for better conditions on the job. Join ColorOfChange in demanding Walmart be accountable to workers


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