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Champlain Valley Democratic Socialists of America, formerly Burlington Democratic Socialists of America is a Vermont affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.


In 2017 contact for Burlington Democratic Socialists of America Organizing Committee was Tatiana Bruno.[1]

DSA Initiatives Win Big on Town Meeting Day

Champlain Valley Democratic Socialists of America


DSA Initiatives Win Big on Town Meeting Day

Burlington, VT — The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) won big in Burlington this Town Meeting Day. “We were elated to see the success of Perri Freeman and Jack Hanson in the Central and East Districts” said James Richmond, Co-Chair of Champlain Valley DSA (CVDSA).

“Both candidates are champions of our values and they will work to reorient City Council so it represents the needs of working people and our most vulnerable neighbors.”

Freeman is a member of the Champlain Valley DSA.

CVDSA was also proud to contribute to the campaign against Ballot Question 4, which would have created a so-called “Downtown Improvement District” or DID. “Grassroots volunteers came city-wide to knock doors, speak to neighbors, and build connections” reported CVDSA member Walter Keady, who helped organize with the No On 4 Committee. “We centralized the proposed district’s threat to rent increases and fought hard to vote it down.”

Defeating the DID was a priority of CVDSA, since it represented the Mayor’s agenda of privatization and harassing the homeless population. “This represents a huge blow to the Mayor’s development agenda and a huge gain to grassroots power. With very little resources, we helped defeat the business agenda in the city because we organized. When we organize, we win.” said CVDSA member Emily Reynolds, co-chair of the Housing Justice Committee.

“We know that the current political and economic system is not working for the vast majority of people,” said CVDSA member Heather Riemer. “We are organizing at the local, state and national level for healthcare for all, free public higher education and for the end to the practice of climate-destroying profiteers making a few more dollars at the expense of our future.”[2]

2018 endorsements


Burlington DSA March 6;

Election Day in Burlington! Don't forget to go out and vote for our endorsed candidates, Infinite Culcleasure For Burlington Mayor, Carter Neubieser in Ward 8, and I Vote Lockridge in Ward 3! Also remember to vote YES on Question 6, in support of the resolution banning the F-35s from our airport, and NO on Question 2, to keep our emergency dispatchers local! Polls are open until 7pm!

BTV DSA Public Meeting


BTV DSA Public Meeting Public · Hosted by Burlington DSA.

Saturday, August 5 at 10 AM

Fletcher Free Library, 235 Colllege St, Burlington, Vermont 05401[3]



BTV DSA's First Public Meeting


BTV DSA's First Public Meeting Public · Hosted by Burlington, VT DSA.

Saturday, May 6 at 10 AM - 12 PM EDT

Fletcher Free Library.

Invited on Facebook