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Central New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America is a New Jersey affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.

Rally in Support of Refugees

Sara Ali, a member of Central New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America, co-organized Sunday's rally with Russell Weiss-Irwin.

Following NJ governor Chris Christie's racist anti-refugee remarks, Central New Jersey DSA decided to stand up and publicly challenge him. We share the sentiment of many NJ residents who can no longer stand by silently while the voices of hate and bigotry drown out those of equality and acceptance. With the help of various local organizations, our rally attracted about 70 individuals of different backgrounds, ages, and affiliations. This further reinstated the idea of unity over xenophobia and blind hate. -- Sara Ali

While most other millennials spent Sunday afternoon at a movie, or shopping, Sara Ali, 21, had a different kind of date this week.

She was preparing to fight a battle of ideas with the establishment, calling out Gov. Chris Christie for comments made earlier in the week about not taking in Syrian refugees.

In a radio interview last Tuesday, Christie said that, as governor, he would not allow the refugees into New Jersey, even 3-year-old “orphans.”

"Gov. Chris Christie made some comments on the radio about not accepting Syrian refugees, and that was appalling," Ali, a 2012 South Brunswick High School graduate, said. "We want to get together and show people that he doesn't speak for us."

Her answer was to spend Sunday afternoon with around 45 other people demonstrating in front of the Governor’s Mansion, Drumthwacket, in Princeton.[1]

Bowling comrades

Central New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America April 30, 2017 ·


With Matthew Thomas, James Rosenstein, Craig Robert, Natasha Abner, Russell David, Mel Chambers, Dekeima Shockery, Christian Tyler, Melanie Berry Vasa and Ben Burgis.

NJ DSA gathering


Central New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America, March 31, 2016 near Princeton, NJ ·

A yuuuuuuuge THANK YOU to everyone who showed up and invited their friends. And thank you, Joe for coming from Philly to talk to us! — with Mike Tombolini, Sara Ali, Ben Burgis, John Michael Colon, Russell David, Martin Oppenheimer, Marie Sanquer, Craig Garcia, Joseph M. Schwartz, Sean F. Monahan and Benjamin Loth.


Full house! And still more people coming in — with Dekeima Shockery, Elias Kleinbock, Robin Beck.

People's Summit


Sara Ali, Meghan Brophy, Russell David, Ben Burgis from Central New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America planned to attend the June 2016 People's Summit in Chicago.

New Brunswick sanctuary protest


Central New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America, February 7, 2017; ·

The DSA cohort from the New Brunswick sanctuary protest today!
Photograph thanks to Young Democratic Socialists of Princeton comrade Nora Schultz. — with Christian Perez, Ben Burgis, Christian Tyler, Russell David, Nicky Steidel, Max Grear, Cole Diehl and Rohana Lohani Chase.

Rallying with Seth Kaper-Dale


In July 2017 Central New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America rallied with gubernatorial candidate Seth Kaper-Dale, in support of Medicare for All.

CNJ DSA December Meeting

Hosted by Central NJ Democratic Socialists of America


Saturday, December 3, 2016 at 2 PM - 3:30 PM EST

Frist Campus Center 243

Join the Central New Jersey DSA for our monthly meeting! Organizers will share progress on the actions DSA has been working on since the election and invite others to join their efforts as we move into next month and towards the inauguration.

It'll be a great chance to learn more about democratic socialism, meet other activists, and discuss how we can move forward both to resist right-wing attacks on our communities and build a stronger democratic socialist movement in Princeton, New Jersey, and the US in the coming months.
Presenters include Central Jersey DSA co-founders Russell Weiss-Irwin and Sara Ali and Jacobin Contributing Editor and Princeton Professor Matt Karp.

Invited on Facebook




In 1990 Ron Baiman chaired the Central New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America local. [2]

Campaign finance reform

In 1995, Central New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America launched an education and activist campaign on the issue of campaign finance reform. The local co-sponsored an April 2 5 forum with Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School. John Bonifaz, the founder and director of the Massachusetts based National Voting Rights Institute, offered ideas about how to challenge the constitutionality of the current congressional campaign finance system, which "violates both candidates' and voters' rights".[3]