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Bryce Edwards

Bryce Edwards is a professor at Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand, where he teaches Political Studies. Edwards is also a progressive blogger in New Zealand.[1]

Progressive Left

1993 - helped found Canterbury University Progressive Left Club. Before that was active in Otago University Progressive Left Club for 3 years.[2]

At the time he was doing a BA in History. [3]

1994 - contact for Canterbury University Progressive Left Club.


1st August 1994 - attended EAG meeting Club Rooms, Canterbury University. [4]

Marxist Society

1995 Contact for Canterbury University Marxist Society (formerly Progressive Left). Canterbury University.

May 1995, was on Canterbury University Marxist Society mailing list.

Waterfront Watch

96 Sociologist, involved in Waterfront Watch, submission against proposed Wellington Casino. [5]


2001 - on STAUNCH emailing list.

Alliance party

2001 - Alliance Party of New Zealand electoral liaison unit. Executive assistant with Janette Craigie, left jobs after parliamentary ban on party office holders holding parliamentary jobs. [6]


2006 - I am a New Zealand researcher and writer living and working in London. I see my future as a “political communicator” – either in university teaching and research or journalism. In 2004 I graduated with a PhD in political sociology.

Later in 2006, Edwards started as a lecturer at Otago University.

Workers Party

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2007 - Workers Party member, spoke at Marxism 2007. [7]

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