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Bohemia is a weekly news magazine published in Havana, Cuba.

In the April 12, 1968 edition of Bohemia under the direction and control of the Cuban government, an article concerning Spiegel on page 47, as translated from the Spanish language revealed in part, the following information:

Mike Spiegel, leader of the organization Students for a Democratic Society, telephonically advised Radio Havana, Cuba on the status of the racial struggle in Chicago, Illinois, during the month of April, 1968. Spiegel, speaking from Chicago, advised that on Saturday, April 6th, during the evening, they brought tanks into the streets and there were big fire fights here. Only two or three blocks from this office, large fires broke out. Our group organized a demonstration in which 300 persons took part. We marched toward the Headquarters of the National Guard but the troops attacked us with tear gas. Fifty of our comrades were arrested. Spiegel further concluded that we are taking the initiative so that the problems of racism and in racial genocide in the United States will be brought before the United Nations.[1]